Black Heart Breakers – Wasted EP




Black Heart Breakers – Wasted EP

Existing on 70’s punk and 60’s power pop the Black Heart Breakers are a raw sonic power that only comes around so often. 2014 saw the release of their ‘Self-Titled’ debut album which was praised and welcomed across the globe by the power pop and punk rock community.

The current line-up of Hayden McGoogan (vocals/guitar), Edward Barnes (bass), Ben D’Costa (Drums) and Sean Anderson (guitar) is unstoppable.

Black Heart Breakers have toured Australia twice in the past 9 months in support of their Double A-Side single release ‘I Want You/Barbara Ann’. This saw them play support slots and tours with Stiff Little Fingers, Ruts DC (UK) and Australia’s own, Radio Birdman.

“Kicking back to the ’70s and a whole cool gang of bands as influences, there was no way these cats were going to fail me”

“The bastard child of The Beach Boys and Ramones”